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        Corporate Profile


         Tianjin Optical Electrical Group Co., Ltd. (i.e.TOEC) has been a High-Tech group company established in 1949. TOEC engages in optical communication, wireless communication, information security, electronic components and technical services. TOEC has 17 subsidiaries, including 14 companies attaining the High and New Technology Enterprise status, 3 listed on the New Third Board. TOEC has 3 bases in Tianjin and 1 base in Shenzhen.

          TOEC boasts a robust R&D system, including 1 national Enterprise Technology Center, 5 municipal enterprise technology centers, 2 municipal engineering centers, 1 municipal key laser printing laboratory, 4 joint laboratories with universities, 1 academician workstation, 1 post-doctoral workstation and 1 municipal Makerspace.

         In the next years, more than 5% of sales revenue is to be invested in R&D annually. More R&D centers are to be set up in Beijing, Shanghai & Chengdu. Offshore R&D center also is in the plan. Three more start-ups are to be incubated. TOEC Technology Co., Ltd. as the major part of the Group is to go public.


        Our History

        60+ years of manufacturing experience,30+years of international cooperation background
        1982 Introduced optical communication devices from SEL, Germany
        1991 Introduced fax machine manufacturing line from Panasonic, Japan
        1992 Technical cooperation with a German company on magnetic material
        1994-2011 Cooperate with Motorola in SMT and components assembly
        1994-2012 Manufactured transformer for Mitsubishi and Sharp
        1998 Manufactured optical components of printer for Fuji Xerox, Japan
        2000-2003 Cooperation with Schneider, France
        2000-2012 Co-production of car audio substrate for Fujitsu Ten
        Since 2001 A joint venture set up with Marque, New Zealand
        Since 2002 Manufactured car lamp (LED) for Tianjin Stanley (Used on NISSAN)
        Since 2010 Cooperation with Continental, Odelo, Germany

        Our Products

          AND EDVICES




        Our Strength

        Engineers-to-Entrepreneurs incentives have boosted the innovation and entrepreneurship to a higher level. Premier Li Keqiang visited TOEC Technology Park and gave full affirmation to TOEC achievements. Four R&D centers are located in Tianjin & Shenzhen.

        Research & Development

        More than 300 engineers are engaged in fields ranging from radio communication, optical communication, information security, optics, electronics and software.

        Research commercialization and co-development has been established with several leading universities, including Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, Nankai University, Southeast University, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, Xidian University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

        Research Achievements

        TOEC has got 1000+ patents in information security, communication, automobile electronics and software. TOEC won the title of 2015 National Technology Innovation Model Company and 2016 Tianjin Intellectual Property Application Model Company.


        With more than sixty years history, TOEC has developed a unique and ongoing corporate culture that places an emphasis on nurturing our cultural strengths and establishing a people-centered philosophy. Guided by our Customer First quality policy, we have created customer-focused rapid-response and feedback mechanisms and developed our own distinctive style of management based on the corporate values of Honesty, Respect, Customer and Creativity.


        China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Zhongxing, Motorola, Wells, Toyota, Sanyo, Fujifilm, BOSCH, Siemens, Lada, Samsung.

        OUR GOALS

        Our goal is to be a major player in the electronics industry globally, motivated by Premier Li Keqiang's words, long-established company moves with the times by innovation and will play an important role in future.


        ABOUT US